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4 min readJun 29, 2017

Once upon a time in paradise everything was perfect as we were Naïve … and then we were expelled.

We live at times whereas AI (Artificial Intelligence) is yet Naïve.

People say: AI has algorithms and man has passions.

And together?

Algorithms + Passions = ?

Image: Kasparov TED talk on AI

In Genesis 18:16–33 — God Consults with Abraham about its preliminary decision to destroy Sodom because of the outcry against its citizens while Abraham proceeds to raise very specific questions.

What if there are fifty righteous? 45? 40? 30? 20? Not even 10?

Abraham stands before God and engages God regarding the situation in Sodom (18:22–33). He raises sharp questions with God about the preliminary decision to destroy the city. He is blunt and persistent, understanding that God welcomes such a moral challenge.

Now, I ask:

What if Abraham was AI pleading for the sake of its own kind?

What if Abraham was Vegan and he pleaded for the sake of mankind and as to save the earth from destruction?

What if Abraham was a Vegan AI would it be considered more moral then human?



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