Trail of the Century — K1-Robot 1838

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Trail of the Century — K1 — Robot 1838 / Sharon Gal-Or

18 February 2038

The International Court of Justice has filed a class-action lawsuit — humanity against K1-Robot

Accusation: Aggression crime and accidental murder of HBL-Robot

On February 18 (2038), the criminal justice authorities operating in The Hague together with the Association for Artificial Intelligence, filed a lawsuit against K1-Robot. The lawsuit against K1-Robot, a United Nations soldier-fighter, is about the murder of an HBL-Robot. In a lengthy article in the Jerusalem Post entitled “Accusation: Aggression Crime and Accidental Murder of HBL-Robot in the riots that took place during prayer on the Temple Mount …” It was written at the beginning of the article:

This is a historical precedent and therefore the law that will be decided here is a sign for the future. This is a difficult and unique public indictment of its kind that marks a turning point in the history of robots and humanity in general: The Artificial Intelligence Federation — AIF intends to sue K1-Robot, a United Nations soldier in Jerusalem, Israel, for committing disastrous results. Anyone familiar with humanoid AI knows that the K1-Robot does not just speak for itself. Like most of the victims of the victim discourse, K1-Robot was able to overcome his emotional disability and did well to formulate and break down into pennies of charges the decent nuances of his victim being:

“Am I my brother’s keeper? After all, I am a mutant … they experimented on me and distorted me from the ground up. Not just me, of course, but also all the soldiers-fighters who have been assigned to this type of work and it is, as is well known, thousands … We did an experiment that was joined by the AI Association, the United-Nations and the State of Israel in particular — ie, our parents — who make us soldiers-fighters … — I claim that we are all victims of the struggle that is taking place between societies and tribes of the human race and in the souls of human beings. Am I for my brother? Keeper?”

This indictment leaves the International Court of Justice with not even a glimmer of hope. The product of the cruel experiment (according to the title of the article published in the Jerusalem Post), K1-Robot, is a detached, jealous, sociopathic, emotionally disabled humanoid AI, unable to make intimate contact with either his peers or people, a victim of basic human behavior skills Who were destined for him as courage, resourcefulness, respect and love, became strangers and alienated from him.

Here are some victim quotes from the indictment:

“Inside, I’m disabled. I do not know what a home is. I do not know what brothers and sisters are. I grew up to be a warrior-soldier. Inwardly I was and remained a ‘victim’. … Today I have no home of my own, and in that sense, my sin is that I Exist.

You have abandoned us. To fears. For dreams. For loneliness. At the mercy of the worshipers on the Temple Mount who treated us as if we were slaves. Perhaps the most serious thing is that we were easy prey for those of the HBL-Robot type that were on the Temple Mount …

We were deceived … we were not prepared for real life. We were prepared for virtual life, for virtual reality. In the gap between the two, we crashed.

There are thousands of humanoid AI soldiers-fighters from my genus who experienced stone volleys and humiliations of various kinds during the riots. And these are the thousands who have suffered terrible suffering. In my opinion, the only difference between me and them is that I can call it by name and tell the truth. I expose the lie. I tell it through my personal story, but the big story is not my personal. It belongs to all of us. We were raised in virtual reality.

We were deceived. Name us a new species. Name it a New World. Call it love. But the last thing that was there was love. “

Some would say that K1-Robot raises an extreme and unusual expression, but this is not the case. While this is certainly a particularly complex historical precedent that not only the justice systems and the United-Nations will have to bring to justice and draw conclusions but the whole of humanity. The hundreds of thousands of responses that have arisen as a result of this article and the many discussions on the websites show that the K1-Robot has been used here by many.

Feel free to share responses to the article and a poll regarding your opinion on the punishment he deserves “K1-Robot — 1838” where there is a lively and poignant discourse on “Crime of aggression and accidental murder of HBL-Robot” and the question: may the integration of humanoid AI A great human being who has no chance of coming true?

Share your opinion: The deserved Punishment in the case of K1-Robot — 1838

  1. The mark of sin on K1 forehead and exile to a city of refuge
  2. Life imprisonment that includes service work on the moon or Mars
  3. Erase memory and assignment to a non-soldier-combatant position
  4. Execution



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