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Ting — Ting — Ting — One of the most difficult tasks nowadays is how to channel our way through all the voices that demand our attention — media (Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, advertisements, etc.), the voices of the state, security, economy, family — and find the important for us and find ourselves among these.

The game TING has several meanings, one of which derives from the Chinese word ‘listen’ and think about it, similar to Kabbalah in Judaism, the secret is that in order to RECIEVEone has to GIVE, similarly ancient Chinese wisdom teaches us that in order to INNOVATEone must first LISTEN. That is to say, real listening enables us to develop sensitivity to other people — their feelings, the ability to listen, to feel compassion and excitement. Also think about it, listen to it also learn, read the right books, go to lectures and learn from the experience of others.

To become a better person/leader, learn to listen first — TING

The ancient Chinese word for listening, “TING”, captures the spirit of listening:

Ears — to be attentive while the other speaks and not to think about what to say.

Eyes — to be able to put ourselves in the place of the other and see things through his point of view.

Mind — the ability to understand the words of the other.

Heart — Only when we really care then we are really attentive.

Peter Nixon, an adviser on governance in his book ‘Gaps in Dialogue,’ discusses the differences between the need to communicate yourself and dialogue, which is real dialogue, in which each side is really attentive to the other side at the negotiating table. Where he writes and expands that we have in fact become experts in sending and sharing information — through e-mail, text message, Internet, television and other forms of communication, but not through active dialogue defined by shared thinking.

Think about it, the information age is supposed to signal a revolution in communication. However, with so many means of communication in our lives, how is it that so many people do not know how to communicate? And worse, listen?

My experience has taught me that many of my peers in East Asia have forget this old wisdom and the Art of Listening, thinking ‘what is it that I can learn from you that I don’t already know?’ and not to mention in Western culture and in the modern world we are used to bursting into each other excitedly, without actually noticing that we are actually canceling the other’s words in this way. In general, to learn to be attentive, not to break into the other’s words, especially in a private conversation. I always told myself that my words were not necessarily more important than others’ words, and so I internalized the fact that I should respect the other and his/her words if I wish for the same attitude.

Real listening TING聽allows us a higher quality of discourse and communication. We focus on what the other person tells us. We listen deeply to the meaning of what is being said. We bring our heart, brain, ears and eyes to the conversation. And the result, it has a deep meaning that seems very quick in the attitude of others towards us, improving our concentration and creativity, and the ability to reach new groundbreaking ideas.

Last word, if you need to remember one thing from this message, I want you to remember this: If you are experiencing difficulty, whatever it is, the solution is in dialogue, so immediately stop sending text messages, emailing and googling, and instead, internalize the principles of listening — TING聽.

As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!


*Taken from: The Innovation Nations Guide

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