Everyone wish to live in peace, young and old, people work hard, live hard and die hard hoping for the so-called “Peace” to arrive.

But what is peace? What does it mean to have peace among nations and at the same time to be peaceful in life, in business in relationships? And is it ok to wish for global and personal peace?

Read next and learn one or two things about life.

The Young Lion Who Wished To Bring Peace

A young lion wished to show his friends that he will be a good leader and that they can trust him that he will bring peace,

So he told them one day, “See me, I am the tallest of all, I can climb on a tree, higher than any giraffe can reach,”

He started climbing on the tallest tree until he got stuck and hardly made it back to the ground, if wasn’t it to the aid of his friends.

Then he told them, “See me, I am stronger than any elephant,”

He tried pushing a tree-log until he got tired and lied down to rest.

When he saw that he can’t climb higher than his Giraffe friend or move or lift a log as his elephant friend, he told them, “See me, I can catch the gazelle all alone,”

He started running after the gazelle until he got tired and returned empty handed.

Ashamed he left his friends and went to his mother, asking, “Tell me mother, how to show all that I will be a good king and that they can trust me to have peace under my reign, if I am not the tallest, the strongest and fastest of them all? Maybe you can tell me where is peace and I go and bring it to them and they can see with their own eyes that I am the right king for them” tears running from his eyes.

“Dear son, it is simple, peace is right here, behind you.”

“What? Where?”

“In your tail!”

“My tail? Oh, I am so happy, so all I need to do is to catch my tail,” said the young lion and started running after its tail, round and round for hours, till he got tired.

“Mother, tell me, how come I can’t catch my tail?” asked the young lion.

“Haha, dear son, you should never chase peace as is, we all love you as for your big heart and for your curious and playful mind, always remember to be wise enough, to move forward, go your way and be a good friend and peace will naturally follow.”

The young lion thanked his mother of what she has taught him and happily returned to play with his friends.


Follow your heart and peace will follow…

Global peace starts from within — The key to peacefulness is inner inspection of your skills and your talents and your personal integrity and personality, touching your heart and at the same time to remember not to be surprised when the inevitable happens. Awareness, understanding and vigilance, those will keep you from the power of evil and from failure.

Peace is not something you pursue. It is something you attract by the person you become. A key phrase says, in order to attract attractive people, you must be attractive. If you wish men of quality around you, then you must be men of quality yourselves. The main part of your life starts with you!

You cannot succeed alone, as we all know lions hunt together as a pack. This is something the young lion needed to learn, and farther how to cooperate with his friends so together, in coordination and harmony they could achieve their goals. So as to find a way to appreciate each other you must understand this first. It takes all of us to build a society, a country and a global community to go out there and start exploring new frontiers and inhabit new planets. Therefore, the key message that it is important for you to remember — you cannot succeed alone!

Our success as a human species is our ability to cooperate. Societies that collaborate better, their survival chances and their global impact are greater. As a single computer in comparison to the Internet, the individual has no advantage over another individual. The secret to success is not in the body or the brain, but in the communication network that connects many individuals together. It is not a brain evolution but of cultural development that enables the cooperation among a greater number of individuals.

In order for any cooperation to be successful it needs to have TRUST in the system. If people can’t trust each other, they won’t be able to build a community or to have peace. You need to trust the people around you if you want to make something new, and take a risk on the long and hard path toward global peace.

We must INNOVATE in order to survive; it would make a good society as a whole. When there is trust in society, sustainable innovation happens because people feel safe and enabled to take risks and make the long-term commitments needed to innovate. When there is trust, people are willing to share their ideas and collaborate on each other’s inventions.

As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!


Originally from Asia Trend

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