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Noah’s Ark & the Global Goals

According to the Biblical story of Noah’s and the ark, Noah, the only righteous man in the world built an ark after God warned him of the approaching Flood. God instructed him to save the animals, 2 of each, so that after the Flood they could continue to exist. Noah built the ark and saved his family and the animals, pair by pair, as God had commanded him to do.

After the end of the Flood, Noah restored the world. The story of the Flood and the Ark ignites the imagination of all of us and it holds a very important message.

In September 2015 in the Paris Convention, the UN member states have set 17 goals and signed these goals to be achieved by 2030. In many European countries, in kindergartens and schools students are learning all 17 global goals, the goals we all have to achieve together in harmony.

If we want to survive on Earth, we have a little more than a decade, by 2030, to completely change the way we consume energy, maintain agriculture, manage water, talk to our neighbors, and more. This is not a passing trend, but a global change in the way we do business, social responsibility, and long-term thinking. “We have twelve years to repair the damage we have caused and to prevent a climate crisis,” the UN warns, mainly due to the growing climate crisis and a growing global awareness, with increasing protests in more and more cities, and this is just the beginning.

In honor of Earth Day 22 April 2019 the famous rapper Lil Dickie has released a new song along with 30 famous artists who have made one hand to spread the word because it is an emergency and this is a real crisis and should be treated accordingly and act to reduce the use of fossil fuel energy resources and to work together to solve the climate crisis — Goal #13.

So what are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a comprehensive mapping of all topics and areas for economic justice, social justice and environmental justice so that future generations could continue to enjoy the world while preserving our home.

How can we remember so many goals — 17?

I know that as a student, I found it hard to remember things by heart and that it is not easy to remember so many goals, so I thought that the next story would help you, those who want to better memorize all the goals and understand how important it is to join forces and achieve the Global Goals.


An ancient legend tells that while they were getting in line to get on the ark, Noah, his family and the animals had time to discuss, presenting the various problems they identified and they decided unanimously and with one heart how the new world should look when they come out of the Ark.

Noah said: “God has kept us alive because He wanted to show us that He believes in us and not in the destruction of the existing, but in repairing the flaws and anomalies existing in society. He gave us a second chance to correct. Now we must work to establish a new society based on social justice, environmental justice and economic justice, no longer live at the expense of our dear children. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart. They all lined up, pair by pair and got ready to embark on the journey.”

The first one who spoke was the homeless Slug that popped from the mud, she said, “I never had my own things, I never had a home of my own, and I do not want anyone to live like this and I like that there will be no poor people anymore”. So Noah said, “the First Goal is that we will take care of the poor”. So the slug and other friends got on board and got ready for the journey.

The Hungry Wolf said: “I am always hungry and never get enough food”. So Noah said: “the Second Goal is to make sure there is no more hunger and having enough food for everyone”. So the wolf and other prior animals got on board ready for the journey.

The Bull didn’t feel so well and there were other animals that were afraid to get sick so Noah said: “the Third Goal is that we always have strength and health”. So the bull and others got courageous and got on board ready for the journey.

The Scholarly Owl went on to say, “Stop, stop, stop. What if there are poor, hungry and sick people? How will they go to school?”

Everyone looked at the Scholarly Owl and at Noah. So Noah said: “the Fourth Goal is education for all, that’s the key to prosperity and so each of us will have the opportunity to contribute to a better and healthier society”. The Owl and other smart animals got on board ready for the journey.

The Snail with No Name said: “everyone, male and female, should have equal opportunities and the opportunity to contribute to a better and healthier society”. So Noah said: “the Fifth Goal is gender equality”. The snail and other animals that felt right got on board of the ark ready for the journey.

The Dragonfly said: “for me, personal hygiene is very important”. So Noah said: “the Sixth Goal is clean water for everyone”. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart and the dragonfly and many others got on board ready for the journey.

Cham, son of Noah, also intervened and said: “stop, stop, stop, you all say smart things, but unlike all animals, humans produce and consume natural resources for energy and destroy the world”. Noah thought and said: “so the Seventh Goal is accessible and clean and renewable energy so that we can keep the world really clean”. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart.

Yefet, son of Noah, had also something to add and said that everyone should have decent work, earn a living and fulfill their destiny without worries. Noah said: “so the Eighth Goal would be for decent work and earn a living for all”. Everyone whom identified, especially the hard working ants, got on board ready for the journey.

Shem, son of Noah, had also something to say: “clean energy and decent work are certainly very important for the existence of humankind and with that we must innovate in order to survive”. Therefore, Noah said: “the Ninth Goal is industry, innovation and infrastructure, and even Internet access for everyone, so we will really have the tools to build a progressive human society on Earth and in the future on other planets in the Universe”.

The wives of Noah’s three sons also had something to say: “It is right, human society must learn and develop, not at the expense of the other animals, as you mentioned, and yet we humans must learn to live with one another”. Noah said therefore: “Goal number Ten is to reduce the inequality between and within human societies”. Noah’s three sons nodded in agreement with one heart.

“Stop, stop, stop, we’ve already counted ten goals, what a nice thing to decide together. Well, are there more goals?”, Asked the Lion King who wanted to get on board the ark and go to sleep.

“Yes, yes, yes”, there were cries everywhere, even the fish in the water, the birds circling over the sky and the bees.

The Busy Bees said: “it is impossible to do half the work and expect the work to end on its own”. Noah said: “so Goal number Eleven is the construction of cities and communities that maintain themselves and take care of their needs without harming the environment.” The bees and other animals who agreed got on board of the ark ready for the journey.

The turtles and all the animals living near the rivers and the sea said: “no more polluting with plastic waste, it reaches us all, all the filth of the world is poured into the sea through the streams and water bodies, humans must learn to create and consume wisely like any other animals and plants”. Noah said: “so Goal number Twelve is fair production and consumption as indeed enough is enough”. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart.

The cows and sheep and all the farm animals said: “we know that the climate crisis is real otherwise we would not be here on the Ark and the Flood is an emergency and we must make sure that the Flood does not repeat itself, never again, and we want to graze in the open meadow and breathe clean fresh air. Let us have clean air for breathing, for all of us”. Noah said: “so Goal number Thirteen is clean air for all”. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart.

The whales and dolphins and even the sharks swimming beside the Ark and making sure it will not drown said: “we must care the living under water. We must protect them by eliminating pollution and overfishing and immediately start to responsibly manage and protect all marine life around the world because we all depend on each other”. Naoh said: “so the Fourteenth Goal is care life under water”. The dolphins and whales jumped out of joy.

The elephant that was the largest animal on land, backed by other friends such the zebras and giraffes, said: “we must protect life on land, protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. this is key for the survival of all of us”. Noah said: “the Fifteenth Goal is live on earth”. Then all animals got on board of the ark singing and dancing, get ready for the journey.

Noah looked around and saw that all animals got on board, pair by pair, after sharing problems that clouded their minds. After days sailing the oceans the animals started to get unquiet with the order of importance of the goals, so Noah thought that land is indeed the key to everyone’s survival on the Ark, and he announced that it was time to send the dove to seek land. So the dove, just before it went looking for land, said: “I hope that by the time I return you will continue to live in peace and harmony”. Noah said: “if so, then the Sixteenth Goal is peace and justice”. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart and the dove flew seeking land.

While the dove looked for land, the octopus appeared on one of the sides of the Ark and said: “we must cooperate to achieve the goals and for the future of our children, otherwise, this will not work”. Noah said: “so the Seventeenth Goal is cooperation in achieving the goals we have agreed so far”. All got very excited and shook hands with each other. Then it happened, the dove miraculously returned with an olive leaf, the Flood stopped and the rainbow appeared in the sky symbolizing the covenant made after the Flood between God and humanity and all animals, that is, the promise that no more Flood would come upon the world.

Noah said now that we have agreed, I also have a goal, the Eighteenth Goal — חי , is to remember all Seventeen Goals and act upon the Future of Humanity that we will always take care of the future of our children and the future of all animals and plants on earth. Everyone nodded in agreement with one heart.

Amen and amen.



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