They stood in a row facing each other. Painted in war colors, wrapped in metallic armor, erect and tall as giants. Their expression is signed. Their gaze is aligned forward. Their swords are inferior to their sheaths.

They were brought here, to the battlefield to fight. It was the first and last battle of its kind.
 Each side represented a dominant idea and preceded it by a long history of a nation, of culture, of traditions and laws to be obeyed.

To the sound of trumpets and the beating of hearts and drums, the flag-bearers, mounted on metal horses, galloped…

Image: By Inessa Kraft

*Challenge 18: ‘H+’ Goal for the Future of Humanity*

In just few months into the Covid 19 global pandemic, most schools around the world closed but the need of education was increasing everyday. These unprecedented rapid changes across the education, technology and business landscape led to high demand for a framework that will incorporate most learners in a safe educational environment, to enhance learning during the COVID 19 global isolation period. The schools now must reimagine their present and future with blended learning opportunities, where adoption of broad range of EdTech solutions will be the new normal both in developed and developing countries where internet access is still a…

AI Codes its Own ‘AI Child’ — Artificial Intelligence breakthrough! Source:

On February 17, 2025, in a bold and innovative move, the Chinese Government (PRC) announced Project AiLive which aims to provide young couples with a Baby Sophia 9880 or Baby Einstein AI Humanoid. This project, among others, is made in partnership with UNESCO and Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong based company.

Married Chinese couples who register to Project AiLive may have a three year old Baby Sophia or Baby Einstein AI Humanoid, shifting from the existing three-child policy after recent data showed a dramatic birth rate decline in the world’s most populous country.

The change comes with “supportive measures, which…

#SDG1 #SDG2 #SDG3 & Quality Education #SDG4

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a holistic and integrative set of goals, that is, they have been defined together and thought of as goals that are closely related to one another. Not every goal stands on its own, all connected and intended to be applied as a uniform set. For example, it is said that a strong, healthy and just society is measured according to its attitude toward the sick and the needy. Indeed, from education to all, if we encourage quality education for some of the population (goal number 4) Without…

Noah’s Ark & the Global Goals

According to the Biblical story of Noah’s and the ark, Noah, the only righteous man in the world built an ark after God warned him of the approaching Flood. God instructed him to save the animals, 2 of each, so that after the Flood they could continue to exist. Noah built the ark and saved his family and the animals, pair by pair, as God had commanded him to do.

After the end of the Flood, Noah restored the world. …

Tel Aviv, IL — Laying out his vision for the company’s future at a shareholder meeting yesterday, TING, Global Inc. co-founder and TING inventor Sharon Gal-Or said that he is determined to put a TING in every school in the Startup Nation, sources reported.

Stating that the TING brand name “is synonymous with innovation, creativity, quality, and high performance,” Gal-Or told potential investors that, beginning with its forthcoming line of personal TINGs sold at licensed TING retailers and schools across the country, the company aims to change the Israeli way of life “TING by TING.”

“Our goal is not only…

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