An American teacher, a Russian chef and a Chinese doctor met on the beach in Bali to think of new startup ideas that combine their fields of interest. What ideas do you think they will come up with? Take this scenario 40 year from now and try to imagine how it will look like.

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IMAGE1: An American teacher, a Russian chef and a Chinese doctor 40 years from now

What is the difference between nowadays and 40 years ago? Nowadays for example, getting from place A to place B you get into a box same as 40 years ago. Nowadays, taking an airplane from place A to place B, it takes the same price and same time — so what has really changed? You could say that we have internet and smart phones, which is a big change, for example for a couple in love which can communicate now on a long distance call for free, and same goes for families and business. Now whether it’s good or bad, I’m not going to discuss about it, as I rather talk of how is it going to be 40 years from now — the American teacher, Russian backer and Swedish doctor, how and who will they be?

IMAGE2: Think multidisciplinary and multicultural — An American teacher, a Russian chef and a Chinese doctor — did you ever consider they might be the same person?

Wisdom, Wealth & True Love

A teacher had a dream that he is with two of his best friends, a doctor, and a chef, having a meeting in a coffee place, out of the tea pot came a genie and said to all, yo what’s up, each of you can choose one wish and as appreciation that you released me I will grant it to you, it can be: wealth, true love or wisdom. Have you chosen yet?

Each of them chose something differently, and after a minute of silence, each looked at each other,

The teacher, whom asked for wisdom, said I wish I chose money, (Smart ah!)

The chef whom asked for money said I wish I chose true love,

and the doctor whom chose true love said I wish asked for wisdom…

“You see this is how you people are“, the genie said and added, “Ok, I’ll switch it for you, but I need something in return.”

The chef asked, “Sure, what do you want?”

“What about free lifelong access to your personal data?” said the genie and they agreed.

Suddenly the chef gets a message on his smartphone tinder app and he sees the most beautiful lady, the love of his life… with three kids. He immediately falls in love with her as this is what happens when you messing up with a genie — so he tells the genie, “Why did you send me a lady with three kids? What have I done wrong?”

The genie replied asking “It’s not what you did but rather what you didn’t. What do you think? If you asked first for true love then they would have been your kids and not the doctors’ kids…

Then he looked at the doctor and he said: finally you are wise enough to be with your mistress that you love and get divorced.

To the teacher he said: wake up from this dream, you know teachers will never get good money.

Moral: Wake up, in life there are no free gifts, no genies but there is a free access to your personal data what brings me to the next topic, where each has a real life identity and at the same time a virtual identity whereas algorithms, organizations and governments will know you better then you know yourselves… how did that happen?

IMAGE3: A teacher had a dream that he is with two of his best friends…

The shifting demographics of the Western world are undoubtedly one of the most profound changes affecting the countries, education systems and the workplace today. Who we will be? ; How we will be like? ; Who will care the elderly? ; What type of new jobs be created? ; What will be the role of schools and universities? ; Of governments? Etc.

If we focus on the education or the labor market for a moment, we can see that they are undergoing many changes that are calling for new preparations. The changing market requires new skills and qualifications, which we have not always been required to date, such as entrepreneurship, cooperation and creativity. The changes give us a window of opportunity to re-imagine how we do things and do it differently, to create a different reality of work and livelihood than we have known so far.

How to think ahead? How to better plan to not to fail rather than fail to plan? We have been taught that in order to understand the present, we have to learn from the past. This is not enough — we should also look at the future, to better understand what is happening in the present. If we do not imagine together how the future will look like, then, things might work out or not, who knows, but is it the way you like things to be?


What if you could create your own workplace and not being interviewed to get it?

What if you could do anything, what would it be?

Imagine a New World, where it is possible and even advisable to engage in several fields at the same time, to follow your heart, to change, to grow, to explore different areas, to experience different roles, to produce whatever you can imagine. Why not? Inside of each and every one of us there is hidden the young Leonardo da Vinci, and Marc Zuckerberg, the student entrepreneur, and the young Neil Armstrong dreaming to become an astronaut and reach the moon, and a few more talents that we have not yet discovered. And I am asking you, why should we not discover them? Discover ourselves and our destiny?




In English the word ‘work’ is defined as activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result and almost always for money. In Hebrew the word ‘work’ derives its origins from the word ‘slave’, meaning working for someone else. Let me ask you something — What is true freedom? As it appeared in the Bible, when the people of Israel went out of Egypt, Were they free? The Desert Generation did not live to enter the Holy Land, because they were a generation of slaves and never managed to break free of those negative emotions. Therefore, true freedom is the successful release of all those negative feelings and emotions of hatred, of guilt and helplessness.

On the same scale, see a new generation whom doesn’t need go to work for money or going to a job interview etc. This is a complete mind shift in human consciousness. Prof Harari writes of a new type of man, ‘Homo Deus’ and of what might happen to the world when old myths are coupled with new godlike technologies, such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. The closest we get to God is by shifting our mindset from ‘work’ to ‘Create’ same as God created the world. Then how to create as we are God?

Logic — Imagination — Morality


Ting about it — 40 years from now, what type of profession a mother would want her kids to have? a teacher? a chef? a doctor? Also 40 years from now, how would money be like? Wisdom? True love?

You might be asking with the money and wisdom, but then who said that there is goanna be money, and something we call true love. Right?

What does it mean to be smart? What does it mean to love? When mankind will have a relationship with AI humanoids — what does it mean when everything will be decentralized? When thoughts and emotions will be nothing but algorithms?

YES — Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. And Morality will take you to heaven. It is Logos, Pathos and Ethos combined together.

As we enter a new Golden Age of inner inspection of our dreams and our goals all the way toward Space Exploration, at this milestone, it is a time to reflect on the promise and the vision of this unique and extraordinary society we call mankind, its people, and its path ahead.

How and who will write the future stories to be told in a world that is home to so many different, complex narratives?

How to build an optimistic society? ; An optimistic humanity?

Read the next article if you wish know more as only… By asking new questions we could find the courage and creativity to find new answers.

Raising humanity on a new path, it all starts with you, & you & you…


Galorian Creations The author with the Banana Smile. Stories, such as moral stories have the power to shape mankind’s destiny

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